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About us

We are an experience team who are constantly learning and recycling our knowledge. We will always offer you the best advice regarding courses you may be interested in or advice in any of your purchases or reparations.

José Fernando Carrillo Lago

He is one of the founding members and director of Finisterre’s Diving Centre. He grew a passion for The Sea since he was a child as his grandad Florentino del Lago used to tell him numerous stories about it. Nowadays, with the help of Pepe de Olegario, a retired captain and with an outstanding knowledge about the “costa da morte” sea, dedicates his time to search and look for wrecked boats which has become a legend on this coast.

When he was 8 years old he began his adventure in the world of light sailing and after a few years he became an instructor and one of Finisterres’ light sailing divers along side his father José Fernando Carrillo Ugarte.

His first dive was at his 12 years of age together with a friend at the “Sardiñeiro” beach. From that momento onwards he never stopped showing interest and caring for the marine life to the point of forming this centre and promoting marine activities wherever he goes.

He is a cheerful, fun and positive person. He always has a smile on his face and will always aim to bring out the best in you too. He also has a lot of patience and a reassuring vibe which makes diving with him easy and comfortable.

He has a wide experience in sport diving, professional diving and is a tugboats captain.

He is a qualified sport technician, diving intructor at all levels recognized by agencies (PADI, ACUC, FEDAS…). He is a high technician in fishing and marine transport, a professional scuba diver of medium and small depth, a technical diver, a technical sports sailor and an administration and finance technician.

Isabel Suarez Suarez

Her relationship and love for the sea comes from her early ages as a child, it could be said that she grew up surrounded by barnacles. She has been light sailing since she was nine years old and when she reached 18 she obtained the leisure sailing and motor yachts Master certificate. When it comes to her diving experience she had her first dive at the age of 12. It was then that she knew that her destination was to live the longest amount of time possible between fish. With only 14 years of age she gathered the Open Water Diver Junior and since then she continues informing herself in this field.

Her joy, drive and professionalism will make your experience with us memorable.


Bruno Rivera

He is Finisterres’ Diving School Centre co-director. He is a recreational diving instructor at all levels in several recogniced agencies (ACUC, SSI, FEDAS, IANTD…). He is also a Technical Diving instructor at all levels in TDI and IANTD agencies. A GUE caves diver. 1st class professional diver and Professional Diver Instructor at all levels for the “Ministerio de Fomento” (Ministry of Development).

He spent the last 20 years dedicating his time to professional diving and teaching, giving diving courses at all levels, from beginner divers to diving instructors. Enthusiastic about wrecks explorations, naval history and underwater caves. Director of the Project named “Project Baseline Finisterre”, a social Project created to explore wrecks and obtain wreck documentation in the area of Finisterre, where any diver that would like to take part is welcomed.

Honourable Mention to Pepe Olegario

José López Redonda more known as Pepe Olegario, was a sailor from a very early age. He studied a bit about navigation in Ferrol which helped him handle and deal with plotters and letters. With time he discovered that in our sea beds there were a lot of hidden boats and that if they were found we could obtain a lot of sheer. Therefore one thing took him to another.

Little by Little, and since 1966, as well as fishing, in his “Jordi” (name he gave his boat) he was responsible for tracing, investigating and documenting wrecks. After a hard day of work he would gather all the wrecked boats history found undersea, crewmembers names, where the boat was from and which was its destination, what loading it took and what happened for it to remain stuck at the bottom of “Costa Da Morte” sea.

He created handcraft work where each type of boat had its own corresponding picture, thousand of maps of his authorship can be found throughout Barcelona, Madrid, Fisterra, Noia, Ribeira… He ensures that there is still a lot to document. This is what he dedicates his time to. Already retired he still lives in his home in Sardiñeiro, creating the “Costa da Morte” history through the ships.

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